Sitemap - 2020 - Normcore Tech

A winter's tale for the end of the year

My Hero's Journey to Peloton

The rules of the game

Ad block and you don't stop

The great A/B/C/D divide

You're a sky full of stars

The rise of the non-expert expert

The satisfaction of the hand-off

The person on the other side of the crowd

The chaos of complexity

The average opinion of 10k people in SF

Traffic lights on the internet

No one talks about Teams

When the internet stopped in Belarus

The future of luxury is on-site(ish)

Google and the Nothing

Pixie Hollow won't scale

Are you as smart as a toddler?

Manuscripts don't burn

From spyplanes to Facebook

The data lake overfloweth

Away we go

The Silicon Uncanny Valley of Apps

New job and Normcore pause

Into the unknown

You have reached the next level

Taking the shine off the Apple (and FB and Google)

Trusting the robots in your life

It's time to maintain

Can I pay you to forget this?

A year in Normland

Send help, I am watching Frozen 2

We are all Gaga now

On watching Succession

Your mattress as a service

Instacart on my mind

Google Drive is production

What I'm doing differently online

It's time to build - if you have the bucks

An empty Google doc of my own

Re-entering the bardo

Congrats, you're the CEO now

The eye of the new norm

Any port in a storm, as long as it has facemasks

Is this a STEM lesson?

We need tests, we're getting geotracking

Normcore is coming to you from a social distance

All numbers are made up, some are useful

The sound of music

Data centers are the new oil

Doctor, sponsor thyself

Easy as A, B, Chromebook

Don't cry over dropshipped formula

What I know about running a paid newsletter for 9 months

The market for memes

Why don't we get the news we need?

What's ours is not ours

One very bad Apple

Apple's Memoji and the uncanny valley

You'll love our sponsored content

Devices that delight

When you write a web server but you get served

Leaving the Bardo

Good Rings don't scale

Normcore stickers are for sale!

Nextdoor, a social network I don't hate

Open thread: How would you spend Google's healthcare ca$h?

AI won't save healthcare

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