Sitemap - 2019 - Normcore Tech

Thanks for all the tech in 2019

Jack and I prove that humans are not web scale

Venture capital will now ruin coffee

Weird Government Twitter versus Zuck

Sidewalks for the internet

Open thread: Keybase's next steps

Keybase and the chaos of crypto

Reading Zuck's emails

We're still in the steam-powered days of machine learning

Tablets at the table

What's up with Russia's internet

The price of good journalism

Open thread: Is whistleblowing ever ok?

Edward Snowden and our great cross-hatch

The highest-interest bank account

Die Gedanken sind frei

Eric Schmidt and the great revolving door

I spent $1 billion and all I got was a Rubik's cube

Imgur is bad now

Open thread: Using Big Tech tools

Our bosses live in our phones

The beautiful grind

Neural nets are just people all the way down

The curse of being Big on the Internet

Backing up our lives on Dropbox

How much I make running a paid newsletter

How do you like THAT, Elon Musk?

The death of the last comment section on the internet

Greta on mute

Logs were our lifeblood. Now they're our liability.

Sorry, I won't hire you

Silicon Valley runs on Saudi

Was the meeting worth it?

Between sales and execution culture

Books I'm reading lately

Le Tweet, C'est Moi

Thread: WeWork, dongles, and Demo Day

No photos please

Measuring unhappiness

All my dongles

Baby-friendly ho$pital$

Thread: Favorite business fiction

I'd do anything for tech, but I won't do that

Do we need tech management books?

The Trelloing of marriage

Selling data science

Thread: Which companies do you trust?

Selling Apple to babies

I wanna be in the black box where it happens

Twitter still works, in spite of Twitter

The deep thoughts of Cal Newport

Normcore maternity 🐣

Are there ANY good recommenders?

Housekeeping: The survey results!

Big Recsys Redux: Recs at Netflix

The Phoenix Project

Housekeeping: Help improve Normcore Tech!

The reign of Big Recsys

Beach reads

On Marcus and friends

Death by kipple

The two faces of tech

Bearing the internet on our shoulders

You don't need Kafka

The life and times of LinkedIn Oleg

The dark side of the mean

I survived the Aladdin trailer

Are you a leader or a psycho?

Two Python paths

Kim Karda$hian's cash

🎶 Summertime and the working is constant

It's only a joke, Twitter

How do you fake a tornado?

Python's Caduceus syndrome

We're taking it very seriously

The commoditization of data science

Our beautiful, broken internet

Remember when Paul Graham was right?

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