Open thread: How would you spend Google's healthcare ca$h?

I had a ton of feedback after publishing AI Won’t Save Healthcare earlier this week. Thank you for replying! The main counterargument to the article has been: Well, yeah, American healthcare generally sucks, but value-based care works. Value-based care, so far though, is mostly funded by government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and I don’t think it’s antithetical to what I’m mainly saying: that companies are an inefficient way to do healthcare projects in the United States.

So my question is: If you could spend Google’s healthcare money and attention on anything other than doing this breast cancer study, and that would actually be beneficial sooner rather than later, what would it be? It could either be something that Google already does, or something completely different. It could be something that you want in your life healthcare-wise, or something you think everyone needs.

I have a ton, but my big one right now is creating some sort of program or social that connects new parents with kids of similar ages locally after their babies are born (and didn’t collect any of the data ;). Maybe by partnering with hospitals? The goal is to not have this be online, but in person. Having experienced this twice now, there is a very, very small official support network for new parents in America.

As always, looking forward to a good discussion!

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