Open thread: Keybase's next steps

About a day after I published the post on Keybase and their inaction against spammers on their platform, Keybase put out this blog post, “Dealing with Spam on Keybase.” They outline changes they’ve been working on, including the ability to block and report people, and what they deem the “nuclear option”: the ability to whitelist people you chat with, which they say “breaks Keybase’s social features.”

What do you think of the post and changes in general? In the post, they also answer the question of “Why didn't you do this sooner?” with “There were other things about Keybase holding it back far more than spam. We were working on those things.” What do we think those things are? That’s a lot of questions, so any of them, or your thoughts on Keybase in general, will do for the open thread. :)

As always, looking forward to a good discussion!

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