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Discovering this post after you linked to it in light of the Twitter kerfuffle - so good! Lays out a lot of frustrations, some of which I was only mildly aware of, in a clear and funny way. Much appreciated!

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I'm liking this kind of content. Just enough pessimism and optimism πŸ‘€

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Can we all agree NOT to show this to people that don't trust/believe science?

Despite very much appreciating the content and finding it a valuable reminder of how thin the bubble we live in is, I'd rather not give people more "arguments" to disprove good data and trustworthy science. :)

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This was a fantastic read! Very foundational and right under our noses, but we often aren't fully aware of it. When making decisions and creating analysis, this can make all the difference.

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that problem of all these elaborate discussion is that the consequences. and that can be deadly serious.

we made up a number about the death rate of corona virus the best we could but because of the true nature of the published raw data was hidden, namely they were all falsified mostly from political reason, then later system theoverload then later again more political strategy, the world believed the data is sound.

and the world did not prepared.

so the world is now in trouble while the original troublemaker acting like hero buying up weaker countries.

the main reason of this situation, as i see, is that decision makers did not know exactly how low the data confidence is, how low the source reliability.

in science you have to know how much you can trust your data. at many times you dont have reliable data (see acticle), but you have to work with what you have. but it is quintessential to share the level of uncertainty when you draw a conclusion.

the opinion of the public doesnt matter. noone cares much. but the opinion of decision makers does and if they dont understand what we all agreed now, we get in troubles like we are sitting in.

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True, Who's Line is it Anyway? was an American TV show (that aired from 1998 to 2007) but it was an adaptation of the British TV show Who's Line is it Anyway? which aired from 1988 to 1999!

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