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I had a very similar situation: low grade fever and a few other symptoms from what I could Google (but WebMD always used to tell me that I might have cancer. I think we always get the results we're seeking). They weren't even testing at all in PA from what I could tell. So I just self quarantined while trying to reassure coworkers that have spouses with immune deficiencies that I probably didn't have THE virus.

I really hope that if today has September 2001 energy, the outcome is a complete overhaul of our medical system. Seems unlikely though.

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I'm so sorry for your stress - as a person with a chronic illness that is a risk factor (though hopefully a smaller one), I'm super stressed also. My wife was similarly told she didn't have COVID when she developed a fever and headache a week ago, despite no testing, so we isolated her until her symptoms were gone, which fortunately was fairly quick.

Good for you for sending your nanny home and taking your daughter out of daycare. I have been kind of stunned by how many people I know (without essential jobs) who have made the opposite decision where there is no apparent justification other than convenience/sanity, I suppose. Of course, others still have critical/essential work and it is understandable.

We too have taken our kids out of school, have no babysitter, and are only leaving our home for exercise and picking up essentials. The only area where we have not been pretty optimal is that it is very hard to keep our toddlers/preschoolers from touching surfaces and touching friends when they see them outside when we're getting our outdoor time (which has fortunately happened only a couple of times in the past 5 days). But they're improving.

On your situation, although it is frustrating not to know what you have, is there all that much you'd be doing differently if you knew you had it versus not? It sounds like you have basically done all the right things about self-quarantining/isolating and that you would be exceptionally vigilant if any more serious symptoms arose.

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I'm speechless. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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