Thread: Favorite business fiction

I wrote earlier this week that I didn’t see the need for most business books (although I got quite a few managers emailing me, letting me know that they DO see the need, and do have time to read them - thank you for the counterpoints and keep them coming!), and that:

My favorite management books have been either actual case studies, biographies, or fiction books. I’ve plugged Shoe Dog a number of times now, and I’m going to plug it again, because it reveals exactly what you don’t want in a manager. Bad Blood is also an excellent example of a good management book as an anti-pattern. Both are filled with excellent details, and neither are drawn from blog posts, but written as biographies, or by journalists keenly interested in tying a story together.

I want to hear about your favorite management books, particularly if they are not at all related to business, but have taught you something you’ve carried through into your working life.

Or, fictional books that would make good management books. All of the Harry Potter books, for example, are a prime lesson in very bad magical bank cybersecurity best practices that let to social engineering hacks, and that could have 100% been mitigated by replacing all the Gringotts goblins with monitoring and cybersecurity.