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>One of the most basic examples of abstraction of this is the invention of human writing. Writing is hard, because we think in many dimensions. Our mind connects different parts of different concepts, fragments of thoughts, feelings, colors, and smells, and writing is a one-dimensional medium, where we need to construct a reasoned argument or narrative.

text is the universal interface, the ultimate dimensionality reduction, such is the Way of Unix :D

>What she illuminated was, to me, a very hierarchical organization focused on PR perception at all costs. This is important, because it means that PR is absolutely a lever to get Facebook to make specific decisions. How can we use this information to better understand how to influence Facebook? The article doesn't get into that.

all major public corporations and institutions are now obsessed with managing brand risk, this has become an attack vector for bad actors that can organize privately and gain critical mass

>So ultimately, what’s the bigger harm here - is it a single algorithm (it could be!), or is the entire structure of the ad-driven revenue model

there is now a social norm where content is not the product of concerted effort from artists, but something free everyone is entitled to. it is impossible to enforce digital property rights effectively to mitigate this with the state. buy your content. respect digital property rights. otherwise you get what you pay for

never stop making meaning with text vicki. loved this one

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Excellent stuff, as always!

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