Mar 15, 2021Liked by Vicki Boykis

"...the longer I don’t write it, the longer and more clever and intricate it becomes in my head,..."

Oh, I so feel this. It's as if the fantasy of completion grows to counterbalance the anxiety of incompleteness.

The older we get (measured in engagements and encumbrances, not years), the higher-dimensional our sphere gets and the harder to chase things around that origami-unfolding space, like a drunk trying to find keys under a lamppost.

Along with Nate, I'd be happy to keep paying. Write a word, a sentence, a paragraph, an article...or not. We'll be happy to see you around the lamppost, lighting the way....

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Hey Vicki, I think a lot of us are hitting a pandemic wall right now, myself included, and I don't even have kids to deal with. Just wanted to say I'm more than happy to keep paying my subscription until whenever you get enough breathing room to get back to writing.

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