Jul 23, 2019Liked by Vicki Boykis

Thanks for another thoughtful article; glad I'm a subscriber.

Like many, I suppose, I struggle with all the digital cruft and crap in our lives and resent its encroaching intrusion into everything from parking to conversation.

So I welcome things like Newport's work, because they seem tied to Serenity and Productivity.

I almost signed up for one of his courses. When it got to the part of having to use Facebook (which I've never touched and never will) the beacon of hypocrisy flickered like a dysphoric bat sign on a moonlit cloudand I never looked back.

Most disappointing: the lack of imagination. Here's a young energetic guy who wants to eschew social media --and he's a computer science Wizard! -- and his course machinery centralizes on .... Facebook?

Stick a fork in it.

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