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Jun 12, 2019Liked by Vicki Boykis

Great issue, as always. A couple of things that came to mind.

My other favorite Jobs story from Creativity, Inc. is this one:

> At one point in this period, I met with Steve and gently asked him how things got resolved when people disagree with him. He seemed unaware that what I was really asking him was how things would get resolved if we worked together and I disagreed with him, for he gave a more general answer. He said, “When I don’t see eye to eye with somebody, I just take the time to explain it better, so they understand the way it should be.”

Can you imaging having that combination of extreme confidence and complete lack of self-awareness? I can’t stop thinking about what that must be like.

On Elizabeth Holmes, I’ve done my fair share of lying awake at night thinking about it... I want to think her heart was in the right place. That in the beginning she thought she could really get there, and in the end that reasonably innocent sense of “well, if we can just get a _little_ more time” simply spiraled out of control until there was no stopping that train.

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