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Are you tired of people yelling in 280 characters about data science, Javascript frameworks, or tech companies on Twitter? Tired of threads 1/37? Come here for a little more nuanced, civilized take of stuff that I just don’t have room to put on Twitter. Twitter is also Very Bad for Nuance, something I hope to cultivate here.

And for the link curation. I find interesting stuff to read almost every day, stuff that is stuff that makes me think about tech, society, and Big Picture type things. I want to share it outside the noise of Twitter. Think of this as a pit stop for your poor, tired, clickbaited, overstimulated mind.

Alexander Pushkin said in Eugene Onegin, “Быть можно дельным человеком и думать о красе ногтей…” - It’s possible to be a very practical person and still think about your nail polish.” I hope to carry that spirit through here.

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I do data science consulting. I work mostly in Python, Spark, and SQL, and really enjoy building end-to-end data products. I also like to think about what technology means in the context of society.

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In my spare time, I write, read, run and enjoy Nutella. More at my main site.

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Machine learning engineer working on platforms and writing about tech and society.